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#252: She Locked Her BF In A Suitcase During Sick Game of “Hide & Seek” - Murder of Jorge Torres

#252: She Locked Her BF In A Suitcase During Sick Game of “Hide & Seek” - Murder of Jorge Torres

Rotten Mango - April 16, 2023 - 1:13:20

Have you ever played Hide & Seek? The game? Sarah and her boyfriend Jorge Torres decided to play one night. The best hiding spot they could find was inside a suitcase. Jorge crawled inside, and Sarah zipped it up.She waited a moment, then she watched as he pushed up against the suitcase trying to get out. He was struggling to get enough oxygen. He started begging her to let him out. She recorded his screams and laughed in his face.“This is what it feels like when you cheat on me” - she said.Sarah left him in the suitcase, calmly went upstairs, and fell asleep for the night. He would be dead by morning.Full Source Notes:

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