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#259: The “Godfather Of J-Pop” Assaulted Male Trainees In Exchange For Making Them Stars (Johnny Kitagawa)

#259: The “Godfather Of J-Pop” Assaulted Male Trainees In Exchange For Making Them Stars (Johnny Kitagawa)

Rotten Mango - May 10, 2023 - 1:15:46

Johnny was a legendary figure in the world of J-Pop, known for his uncanny ability to turn unknown talents into superstars. He held the music industry, media, and A-listers of Japan under his spell, making his every command a golden ticket to success.Some saw him as a genius businessman and marketing mastermind, while others whispered that he was more akin to a devil, preying on the souls of his chosen trainees. But no one could deny the power he held, or the price he demanded for his services.Celebrities are often accused of selling their souls to the devil. Making deals with the devil. But it’s alleged that Johnny didn’t do deals and he took what he wanted. And what he wanted were the souls of every trainee he liked. He wanted his prey.Full Source Notes:

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