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#179: Dismembered Into 2000 Pieces (Nanjing University Mutilation Case)

#179: Dismembered Into 2000 Pieces (Nanjing University Mutilation Case)

Rotten Mango - July 10, 2022 - 54:02

Margaret was cooking up her favorite stew. She could use it. The temperature was below zero, the winter storms were approaching, and Margaret hoped the nutrients from the pork bones would give her energy.She would need the energy for her cleaning job.She took her pork bones, which were neatly pre-sliced, she took them out, washed them, and plopped them into her water.It was almost muscle memory - but when she stuck her hand in again she felt something strange. She pulled out some bony pieces in the bag and it took her a moment to realize she was staring at 3 severed human fingers.Margaret didn’t have pork meat. She had the dismembered remains of a university student. The police would find 2000 more pieces of that student dropped around campus.Full Source Notes:

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