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#201- High School Basement Torture - Gang Assault of Disabled Student

#201- High School Basement Torture - Gang Assault of Disabled Student

Rotten Mango - September 25, 2022 - 1:37:37

Leslie only had Marie to lean on. They were best friends. Sure, they just started bonding, but Leslie really needed someone to count on. They spent countless hours on the phone, whispering, giggling, staying up, hoping their parents wouldn’t hear them.But it was a bit strange that she kept asking Leslie about what had happened in that basement. Leslie had been gang raped by some of the most popular kids in high school in the football captain’s basement. There was a trial underway for it. Marie kept asking about it.Marie asked about how much fun Leslie had if she would do it again, and how Marie could be invited to be assaulted by the boys. She said she wanted what Leslie had. Leslie was desperate for a friend. She said she was willing to go a second time with her new best friend - if that’s what she wanted.Full Source Notes:

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