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#293: Serial Killer Watched Podcasts About His Murders - CAUGHT After 13 Years

#293: Serial Killer Watched Podcasts About His Murders - CAUGHT After 13 Years

Rotten Mango - September 6, 2023 - 1:22:02

Shannon’s driver had a few roles. He would drive her to the client’s home, wait outside, and make sure she made it out of the house in one piece. He was security if you will and in this line of work (escorting) - security was everything.He wasn’t expecting the client to come rushing out demanding that Michael get Shannon out of his house. Confused, he went inside to see that Shannon was already on the phone with 911.She was accusing both men of being in on it together, of plotting to kill her tonight, and she knew that her life was in danger. The men tried to calm her down, but she ran out of the house, down the residential street, out of the gated neighborhood, and vanished.She would be found dead & the investigation into her disappearance would uncover one of America’s notorious serial killers.Full Source Notes:

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