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#74: The Party Monster Murder (Case of Michael Alig)

#74: The Party Monster Murder (Case of Michael Alig)

Rotten Mango - June 20, 2021 - 1:18:42

The hottest clubs in New York City were run by Michael. He knew how to throw a party - serving cat food as appetizers, performances of women pulling Christmas lights out of - well, you know where. A rotating wheel of 6 cow tongues for anyone to “rub” up against. This was the place to be. But when rumors started circling that Michael had injected one of his friends with Drano and dismembered him in his bathtub… nobody believed it. Or maybe they didn’t want to? Because the party must go on. Source: "Party Monster" by James St. James - wow... this book is a first-hand account of the whole scene, the environment, but also the crime. Really fantastic read that goes far more in-depth! Full Source Notes Here:

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