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#152: Secrets On The Boat (Case of Thai Actress Tangmo Nida)

#152: Secrets On The Boat (Case of Thai Actress Tangmo Nida)

Rotten Mango - April 3, 2022 - 1:09:44

There were 6 people on the boat that night. A-list actress, Tangmo Nida, her manager and lifelong friend, as well as 4 very wealthy socialites were on the boat.A lot of rumors currently surround the six.There are whispers of affairs, inheritances, and wills. But the most sinister rumor? That they were trying to sell Tangmo Nida, the A-list actress, to a high-powered Thai businessman/ government official.But when only 5 make it back alive - it seems like the questions are never ending, and the secrets are only getting darker.Full Source Notes:

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