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Everyone Goes Missing In This Apartment Building (BAM #1)

Everyone Goes Missing In This Apartment Building (BAM #1)

Rotten Mango - August 16, 2020 - 1:12:06

She gets a job at an apartment building. Her boss gives her a list of strange rules to follow. DON'T BE NOSY is one of them. But she can't help but notice that everyone is going missing in this building. Welcome to Baking A Mystery where I tell you guys the story of a mystery (fictional usually) that I've been thinking heavily about. This series started on my YouTube channel (MissMangoButt) and will be released here for the audio listeners! If you are interested in seeing me actually bake while telling this story the visuals will be on my YouTube! If you are just here for the true crime and no fictional mysteries that I'm obsessing over - those episodes will still be up every single Wednesday!

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