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#181: Four Babies In The Bin & The Sister’s Secrets

#181: Four Babies In The Bin & The Sister’s Secrets

Rotten Mango - July 17, 2022 - 58:26

Joanne’s mom had always been a bit out there. Nobody could quite put her finger on it, but there were whispers that family members were witches.When Joanne’s mom sent her out in the middle of the night to dig up something in the woods for a spell… Joanne was confused. She was terrified of walking alone in the dark. What spell was her mom talking about?Joanne imagined she would be arrested that night. But she wouldn’t be. Nobody gets arrested for digging up someone’s flowers.But soon, Joanne would find herself digging in the darkness again for her mom. This time it was for a dead body, and Joanne would be arrested but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.Full Source Notes:

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