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#197: The Chicago Ripper Crew - When 4 Serial Killers Decide To “Hunt” Together

#197: The Chicago Ripper Crew - When 4 Serial Killers Decide To “Hunt” Together

Rotten Mango - September 11, 2022 - 1:00:38

Edward’s new boss loved a good team-building event. Most companies would take their employees out for a fun night of bowling.But not Edward’s boss, Robin; he liked to have a more intimate setting. He gathered all 3 of his employees in the attic of his house and told them to follow after him.He started chanting random phrases while holding up an object into the air above them. Then he dramatically pressed the object to his mouth and took a bite. He cackled maniacally and passed it around for everyone to eat.It was an amputated human breast. They were all going to be cannibals from this point on. Robin didn’t care though. He didn’t even care that he ripped the flesh straight from a human being who was still alive. All he cared about was that his employees were bonding with him.Full Source Notes:

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