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#280: The Horrific Korean Boarding School That Abused Disabled Students - Real Life Story Of The Movie “Silenced”

#280: The Horrific Korean Boarding School That Abused Disabled Students - Real Life Story Of The Movie “Silenced”

Rotten Mango - July 24, 2023 - 1:17:50

The boarding school of nightmares shouldn’t have been open for as long as it was. The Inhwa Boarding School was for students that had mental, physical, and intellectual disabilities.It was nestled in the mountains of South Korea - and it was keeping a dark secret.It was filled with what the students called “perverts.” The perverts would force students into empty classrooms to sexually assault them. The perverts would play movies in class and drag students to the back to assault them in front of their friends. The perverts would play adult films for the students. And if the victims ever got pregnant - they disappeared. The students were beaten into silence.The perverts were the very teachers and administrators that vowed to protect, teach, and serve the students with disabilities.Full Source Notes:

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