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#276: Angry Korean Son “Casually” Kills 6 People After Fight With Mom & Got Away With It

#276: Angry Korean Son “Casually” Kills 6 People After Fight With Mom & Got Away With It

Rotten Mango - July 9, 2023 - 1:00:06

The house was on fire, and it was going to collapse. The firefighters stood in front of it doing everything they could to put out the angry flames. There was a 66-year-old lady screaming at them.“Please my son is in there! You have to go back in and get my son!”They knew the house was going to collapse any minute now - but the firefighters always sacrificed their own lives in an attempt to save another. 10 firefighters went in. The house would collapse killing 6 of them.But the son was never found in the house - did he even exist? Where was he? Did his mom know he wasn’t in there? And who set the fire?This is the house of horrors that changed South Korea forever.Full Source Notes:

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