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#194: She Wanted To Make A Human SKIN SUIT - The Female Ed Gein & The Welkom Graveyard Murder

#194: She Wanted To Make A Human SKIN SUIT - The Female Ed Gein & The Welkom Graveyard Murder

Rotten Mango - August 31, 2022 - 1:22:06

Detective Nel was having a rough time falling asleep. She had a debilitating migraine and was throwing up all night long. Sure, her job as a detective wasn’t easy, but she almost always slept like a baby.The next day she went into work and was rushed to the cell of a young, doe-eyed girl that she personally arrested last night. It was a shocking case. The girl skinned someone’s entire face off. She wanted to be the next Ed Gein it seemed. In the cell, she saw the same girl covered head to toe in blood, deep gashes in her legs, smiling up at her.There was writing on the walls - in blood. “Along came a little girl” it read.And next to her?A voodoo doll with a piece of hair tied tightly around the neck. It was Detective Neil’s hair.Full Source Notes:

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