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#271: Hong Kong Tourists Trapped In Bus With Unhinged Man Who Tries To Kill Them One By One

#271: Hong Kong Tourists Trapped In Bus With Unhinged Man Who Tries To Kill Them One By One

Rotten Mango - June 21, 2023 - 1:15:29

11 hours - 25 hostages.An unhinged man had boarded a Hong Kong tour bus and started waving his rifle around. He told them if everyone stayed still and did what he said he would not kill them.He lied.For 11 hours, the bus was parked in the middle of the busy street. Police, media, journalists, and civilians were all surrounding the bus.The hostage negotiators were in charge of preventing loss of life, but they would make mistake after mistake that would cost lives.All everyone could wonder from the outside was - will those poor hostages live? Or will they die?Full Source Notes:

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