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#143: The Temple Of DOOM (Case of Belinda Lucas)

#143: The Temple Of DOOM (Case of Belinda Lucas)

Rotten Mango - February 27, 2022 - 1:35:11

Children say the scariest things. Sometimes you can’t help but feel like they know something you don’t.One daycare worker vividly remembers a moment that sent shivers traveling down her spine. A little boy was playing with a little girl. House. Innocent right?Out of nowhere, the little boy started to scream and smash mommy doll up against the wall. It was so unlike him.The alarming part? The little boy’s mom had recently been murdered and everyone suspected someone close to her. Did the boy know more than he told the police?`Book Rec: “Shattered” - by Kathryn Casey (amazing deep dive and really shines a light on the victim)Full Source Notes:

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