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#281: Fraternity Pledge Tortured To Death For 48 Hours - Forced To Eat Live Eels & Mice

#281: Fraternity Pledge Tortured To Death For 48 Hours - Forced To Eat Live Eels & Mice

Rotten Mango - July 26, 2023 - 1:20:10

December 2018, 20 year-old Sanda Dia was brought into the emergency room by his so-called “college friends.” He was unconscious and cold to the touch.His friends did not give doctors any information on what was wrong with him. They didn’t tell doctors that for the past 48 hours, they had tortured Sanda to the point of his death.After fighting for his life in the hospital - Sanda died of multiple organ failure. Doctors performed an autopsy to discover in his stomach - whole goldfish, decapitated heads of mice, decapitated heads of eel, and more than 2 months of the average salt intake.Sanda Dia was tortured to death by the fraternity all because he was black.Full Source Notes:

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