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#191: 12 Yr Old Held Captive For 181 Days In A Torture Chamber

#191: 12 Yr Old Held Captive For 181 Days In A Torture Chamber

Rotten Mango - August 21, 2022 - 1:07:08

It had been months since Abby had been held captive in the bucker/torture chamber. The cruelest torture had been carried out on her, every single day.She wanted it all to be over. It didn’t matter anymore that she would never graduate the 7th grade. Nothing mattered except making sure her kidnapper paid for this.Abby wrote a note, naming her kidnapper, and what he had done to her before slipping it into the lining of her shoe. She hoped whoever found her would find the note.And then she filled the tiny gross sink in the corner of her cell, one of the only things that filled the tiny space, and prepared herself to end it all.Full Source Notes:

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