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#192: Escaped Prisoner Holds Entire Family Hostage & Plays Sick Mind Games

#192: Escaped Prisoner Holds Entire Family Hostage & Plays Sick Mind Games

Rotten Mango - August 24, 2022 - 1:17:14

She wore a turtleneck out to the grocery store that day. Sure, a blizzard was coming down on them, but she did it to hide the bruises.She looked around at all the happy faces. The smiling couples. They were so in love. If only they could see what she was going through at home. She couldn’t tell them instead she suffered silently gathering up her groceries.Maybe she heard the other families talking about the winter storm or the news of the escaped prisoner.You know? The one in her living room waiting for her return. The one that had her entire family tied up upstairs? Yeah, that one. She had to hurry back to him.Full Source Notes:

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