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#291: Pregnant Wife Pushed Off 110ft Cliff While Visiting National Park With Loving Husband

#291: Pregnant Wife Pushed Off 110ft Cliff While Visiting National Park With Loving Husband

Rotten Mango - August 30, 2023 - 1:13:17

A young Chinese couple were vacationing at a National Park in Thailand. It was the husband’s gift to his pregnant wife with one last trip before their family grew!But during their sunrise hike the husband claimed his wife wandered off and fell off a 110 foot cliff. He screamed in Thai at the first responders -“You must help my wife! Please save my precious wife, she’s my everything!”He leaned down and caressed his wife’s face. She was alive but unable to speak or move. He held her hand and whispered in Mandarin so the Thai authorities couldn’t understand him -“Nobody speaks Mandarin here. There’s no evidence that I did anything. If you want to live - behave.”Full Source Notes:

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