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#287: She Tried To Turn 2 Boyfriends Into “Human Kimchi”

#287: She Tried To Turn 2 Boyfriends Into “Human Kimchi”

Rotten Mango - August 16, 2023 - 1:01:60

Kimchi is a Korean spicy fermented cabbage side dish. It is traditionally prepared in big red buckets…The two detectives were standing staring at one of those kimchi buckets. But they knew there was more than just kimchi inside otherwise, they wouldn’t be in a morgue right now.They slowly opened the lid to the massive kimchi bucket and inside they were confronted with 2 bodies. From this point on, the clock started ticking. The investigators would need to find the woman responsible for this and make sure she didn’t kill again.This is the story of South Korea’s most unhinged serial killer in the making.Full Source Notes:

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