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#221: He Plotted A Murder With His Therapist & His Descent Into Madness

#221: He Plotted A Murder With His Therapist & His Descent Into Madness

Rotten Mango - December 14, 2022 - 1:18:25

He was the college “simp.” His friends knew better than to ask him to go to a party with them. He would inevitably be too busy in his dorm room thinking about his girlfriend. Listening to audio clips of her telling her she loves him.But his best friend was the only one that knew the truth of what was going on. He had secretly recorded conversations he had with his dream girl on campus. Then he edited and spliced together clips of the audio to make her say “I love you.” He would listen to those distorted, unnatural clips for hours on end.His best friend finally had enough and brought him to a therapist. He had no idea that he would start plotting murder there.Full Source Notes:

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