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#161: The Styrofoam Head Killer (Serial Killer Ned Snelgrove)

#161: The Styrofoam Head Killer (Serial Killer Ned Snelgrove)

Rotten Mango - May 4, 2022 - 1:27:29

Everywhere he went, he was kind. He was kind to the woman he passed by in the produce aisle, the female cashier, and even the woman next to him at the red light.Maybe he was nice because he loved to picture all these women naked and in his bed. Sure, some would call it crass but was Ned’s favorite thing to do.Regardless, the women were nice back. They liked Ned. He was well dressed, clean cut, and seemed gentle.They had no idea that he was fantasizing about strangling them. Staring into their eyes while they took their last breath.Full Source Notes:

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