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#232: The “Incel Hero” - Praised For Wanting Women To Become Breeding Machines (Case of Elliot Rodger)

#232: The “Incel Hero” - Praised For Wanting Women To Become Breeding Machines (Case of Elliot Rodger)

Rotten Mango - January 25, 2023 - 2:03:05

The University of Santa Barbara was a picturesque college town. Most days were filled with sun, surfs, and the smell of tanning lotions.But even the sunny town had sinister residents. Elliot sat in his math class as he wrote about the girl he had a crush on. It destroyed him to find out through social media that his crush, Brittany, already had a boyfriend.Elliot started fantasizing about kidnapping the couple and stripping Brittany’s boyfriend of all his skin. He wanted to deflesh him while forcing Brittany to watch.This was the only way to survive his life of torment. This twisted mind would go on to kill 6 people in the picturesque town of UCSB.Full Source Notes:

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