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#146: The Pathological Liar & The Corpse (Case of Casey Anthony)

#146: The Pathological Liar & The Corpse (Case of Casey Anthony)

Rotten Mango - March 13, 2022 - 1:36:23

It’s said that some pathological liars are even considered functionally delusional. They can even pass a lie detector test. They believe their own lies.Sometimes they re-write their lies and memories on the spot. You can see their eyes flutter, a shift in attitude, and boom. They are living a new reality and you almost feel like you’re the one going crazy.But as humans, we can detect lies, right? Or can we? What happens when a pathological liar takes a stand in front of the whole nation to say - “my child has been kidnapped by her nanny! Help me!”Would you believe her?Full Source Notes:

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