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#219: She Dated 3 Of Her Roommates Till One Ended Up Dead

#219: She Dated 3 Of Her Roommates Till One Ended Up Dead

Rotten Mango - December 7, 2022 - 1:15:27

They nicknamed her “mini Martha Stewart” because of how perfect she was. Her doctor husband adored her. She took care of their baby girl while still getting her master’s degree, cooking, cleaning, and even volunteering. Her life seemed so perfect till she was arrested and her secret life started to unravel. Years ago, before moving to the perfect suburban town, she lived with roommates. She dated 3 of them. And now they were all back. 1 - her husband’s patient. 1 - the man she was having an affair with. 1 - dead. And they think she did it. Full Source Notes:

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