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#102: The Werewolf of Russia (Serial Killer Mikhail Popkov)

#102: The Werewolf of Russia (Serial Killer Mikhail Popkov)

Rotten Mango - October 3, 2021 - 49:15

The 17 year old girl woke up in a panic. Where was she? It was so bright and cold - a hospital? She turned her head to the left - a pale dead body. She tried to scream but her voice wouldn’t work. She looked to her right - a dead body. She wanted to jump up and run out of there but half of her body was now paralyzed. She had woken up in a morgue with half her hair torn out, she couldn’t move, and she didn’t even remember her name. All she knew was earlier she was in a forest staring at the werewolf. Full Source Notes:

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