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#127: The Hammer Man Strangler (Case of Harvey Carignan)

#127: The Hammer Man Strangler (Case of Harvey Carignan)

Rotten Mango - January 2, 2022 - 1:19:44

The wife of high-powered influential Harry Piper was kidnapped.A random note was left - “We want $1 million dollars to be paid in 50,000 unmarked $20 bills.” The family paid it.It would be two full days till Virginia was found chained up to a tree. Alive.She never saw the kidnapper’s face.After three long years, the police presented her with a few audio clips. She perked up. “That’s him! My kidnapper! I’m sure of it! I remember his voice.”If this were true Virginia was lucky to be alive.She was listening to the voice of the Hammer Man- who smashed women to death with his bare hands.Full Source Notes:

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