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#261: The Sewol Ferry Tragedy - Coward Captain Left 350 Students To Die In A Sinking Ship

#261: The Sewol Ferry Tragedy - Coward Captain Left 350 Students To Die In A Sinking Ship

Rotten Mango - May 18, 2023 - 1:52:53

In that dark and gloomy room, the rescuers stumbled upon two students who had sought refuge together. Maybe they even held hands or offered comforting words.There's some debate about their relationship status - some say they were dating, while others claim they barely knew each other. But one thing's for sure: when faced with their last moments, they didn't want to face it alone. They cleverly tied their life jacket strings together, refusing to be separated as the room flooded with water.Let's talk about the heart-wrenching Sewol Ferry tragedy in South Korea. It shattered the nation and claimed the lives of over 300 people. But the aftermath was just as crazy. The president was impeached, the prime minister resigned, a billionaire was suspiciously found dead, and the vice principal of a high school was found dead - hanging from a tree. Full Source Notes:

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