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#235: She Was Brought Back To Life 6 Times In The Hospital - The Killer Witnessed It All

#235: She Was Brought Back To Life 6 Times In The Hospital - The Killer Witnessed It All

Rotten Mango - February 8, 2023 - 1:24:36

Mary died 6 times that day. Each time, a loud siren would blare through the hospital alerting the doctors.Her family rallied around her, praying, and hoping for a speedy recovery.There was her husband - he would soon enter into a romantic relationship with Mary’s sister.Then there was her son - he had already admitted to sleeping with a minor, what other atrocities could he have committed?Then there was his ex-gf - the one that accused him of rape + assault.By the time Mary walked in through the hospital doors, she was already dead. One of these people knew it was too late for Mary to be saved. And they were betting on it.Full Source Notes:

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