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#294: “Good Girl” Nurse Killed 7 Babies To Get Doctor’s Attention & Sympathy

#294: “Good Girl” Nurse Killed 7 Babies To Get Doctor’s Attention & Sympathy

Rotten Mango - September 10, 2023 - 1:33:00

Dr. Crush and Lucy Letby would always lean on each other for support during the tough times. They always prided themselves on being a good team. Even when times were tough, which they often were in the NICU, their bond remained strong. Chester Hospital was facing a dangerously significant uptick in infant deaths in its NICU unit. It felt like every other week, the nurses and doctors had to go home and weep with their families. They had lost another one. Nobody knew what it was. Was the hospital haunted? Cursed? Maybe there was something contaminating the baby formula, water, or air?Or maybe a sweet, kind, smiling nurse was secretly a serial killer hiding amongst the hospital staff…Full Source Notes:

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