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#158: The Headless Bodies In The Bathtub (Killer Couple Erika & BJ Sifrit Part 2)

#158: The Headless Bodies In The Bathtub (Killer Couple Erika & BJ Sifrit Part 2)

Rotten Mango - April 24, 2022 - 1:11:19

The couple’s vacation in Ocean City was supposed to help them fall in love again. Marriage is tough - they lost that spark.They were even staying in the penthouse of a beautiful oceanfront hotel. The penthouse bathroom had a hot tub that they were certain was going to help ignite their romance again.But the night ended with two headless bodies in the tub. They were dismembered. And honestly, it was exactly what the couple felt they needed.They were in love again.Full Source Notes:

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