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#132: The Sisters of Terror (Case of The Price Sisters)

#132: The Sisters of Terror (Case of The Price Sisters)

Rotten Mango - January 19, 2022 - 1:10:26

The sisters were arrested - they went with the plan.Stare at a fixed object to the point of looking hypnotized.The police were getting fed up “YOU'RE AN EVIL LITTLE MANIAC TELL US WHERE THE BOMBS ARE.”The sisters remained “hypnotized” till at exactly 3 PM they looked at their wristwatch and let out a big sinister smile.BOOM.The bomb went off in the busy streets of London injuring hundreds. The sisters had 3 more.Book Rec: “Say Nothing” - by Patrick Keefe (one of my favorite authors of all time you won’t be disappointed by any of his books)Full Source Notes:

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