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#274: Chinese Vlogger Set On Fire During Livestream (Case of La Mu)

#274: Chinese Vlogger Set On Fire During Livestream (Case of La Mu)

Rotten Mango - July 2, 2023 - 1:00:43

National DV Hotline: (800) 799 - 7233National DV Website: ( La Mu’s livestream started with her singing, dancing and interacting with her viewers as usual. Her lives were always a safe space on the internet. Everyone loved La Mu for being a wholesome influencer.But suddenly, on camera, La Mu’s expression changed. She went from smiling to looking fearful. She stood up abruptly, knocked over her phone, but the live never disconnected. The horrified audience could hear her screaming “murderer!” They could hear her yelling for help. She told everyone to run because she had just been doused with gasoline and he was about to set her on fire… Was she faking it? Was it a stalker? Was it someone she knew? Who would set her on fire in the middle of a livestream?Full Source Notes:

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