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#234: 20 Year Old Girl Does Blackface To Commit Murder For The Most Bizarre Reason

#234: 20 Year Old Girl Does Blackface To Commit Murder For The Most Bizarre Reason

Rotten Mango - February 1, 2023 - 1:43:56

The heat was suffocating. She was stuck in her car with no AC in the middle of the Florida summer heat. That’s comparable to being slow-cooked in an oven.She wiped the sweat off her forehead and left a smear of dark pigment on her hand. She was sweating her disguise off.She had to look as natural as possible. Not suspicious. But how could she? She was doing blackface in her car, wearing a giant hoodie, shoes that were 5 sizes too big, and a gun resting on her passenger seat.Maybe she didn’t think this through. She thought it would be easy to kill - especially, when you have the perfect disguise for it.(Book: “Kill For Me” - by M. William Phelps is the most extensive, thorough deep dive you will find on this case)Full Source Notes:

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