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#225: The Idaho Murders - 4 College Students Murdered In Their Beds

#225: The Idaho Murders - 4 College Students Murdered In Their Beds

Rotten Mango - January 1, 2023 - 38:00

This is the ongoing case of the Idaho Murders. There were 6 roommates living in an off campus house when in the middle of the night, someone had entered the home, and left after taking 4 lives.Since this is an ongoing case, there have been many speculations online of who it could have been. People were pointing fingers at just about anyone. But breaking news - a suspect has been taken into custody.Which only brings us to ask more questions - what connection did the suspect have to the victims? Did he know them? And does the fact that he was studying criminology and getting his PhD in Criminal Justice have anything to do with the case?Full Source Notes:

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