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#62: Vanished In Tokyo Part 2 (Case Lucie Blackman / Joji Obara)

#62: Vanished In Tokyo Part 2 (Case Lucie Blackman / Joji Obara)

Rotten Mango - May 7, 2021 - 58:22

There is international panic on the fate of the missing British Airways flight attendant… and the crazy leads don’t make it any easier for police. She was sold to the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). An adult film producer claims his colleague kidnapped her for producing a snuff film. The police finally get their first good lead - they knock on the suspect’s door and open up a can of worms. Why is his dog frozen? What are all the videotapes? How many victims does he really have? *Please listen to Part 1 first (#61) Source Notes:

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#61: Vanished In Tokyo (Case Lucie Blackman / Joji Obara)

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