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#101: The Chicken Coop Serial Killers (Case of Gordon Northcott)

#101: The Chicken Coop Serial Killers (Case of Gordon Northcott)

Rotten Mango - September 29, 2021 - 1:14:24

“Ooooh Sanford get out here! I have a present for you - it’s in the bucket!” Sanford didn’t understand why his uncle was so giddy to be back to the chicken farm but he rushed outside. He peered into the bucket for his surprise. Immediately he wanted to gag. Why did his uncle bring home roadkill? Why did it look like the animal had a wig on? “Look closer Sanford.” - Uncle Stew ordered. And that’s when Sanford realized - this isn’t roadkill. It’s not an animal. It’s the severed head of a young boy not much older than him… Full Source Notes:

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