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#298: Daughter of Diplomat Found Beheaded In Nepo Baby’s Mansion

#298: Daughter of Diplomat Found Beheaded In Nepo Baby’s Mansion

Rotten Mango - September 24, 2023 - 1:21:28

The team of therapists was making their way over to the mansion. They never really did house calls, but when one of the most powerful business tycoons in the entire city calls you - you pick up.They were going to talk to the businessman’s son to see how they could help him. Once they arrived at the house, they realized it was much more serious than they originally thought. They would have to break in to get to their patient.After climbing through an upstairs window, the 6 therapists stepped foot into a crime scene. Blood everywhere. On the floor was the wealthy son’s ex-girlfriend. Her body lay in a pool of blood. Her head was detached and 3 feet away from the rest of her.Full Source Notes:

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