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#264: Bollywood Actress’s Mysterious Death & Her Diary That Exposed Secret Relationship With Elite Family Son

#264: Bollywood Actress’s Mysterious Death & Her Diary That Exposed Secret Relationship With Elite Family Son

Rotten Mango - May 28, 2023 - 1:22:10

Kavita was on a flight from London to Mumbai, India to visit her older sister and mom. Her sister was a successful actress in Bollywood but she managed to carve out time in her schedule to celebrate Kavita’s birthday.When she landed - she connected to the airport wifi and all the text messages, DM’s, calls, that she had missed while in the air kept flooding in.She collapsed on the airport floor. Her sister had died while she was in the air. She was found mysteriously hanging from her ceiling fan. The police rules out foul play but there were too many suspicious conditions - like the fact that there wasn’t a single fingerprint in key parts of the room. Not a single print. Not even her own.A few days later - Bollywood went up in flames when 6 pages of her personal diary were leaked. Her death would now be connected to a powerful family in Bollywood. How much involvement did they play in her death?Full Source Notes:

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