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#105: The Ripper of China (Serial Killer Gao Chengyong)

#105: The Ripper of China (Serial Killer Gao Chengyong)

Rotten Mango - October 13, 2021 - 1:06:35

They sat around the dinner table - whispering. As if the man the town called “The Ripper” could hear them. “Don’t wear red shoes - he will kill all girls wearing red shoes.” “I thought it was red clothes?” “I heard it was girls with long hair - because it’s easier to grab when they try to run away.” Whatever it is - we have to try it all. Cut your hair. Throw out your red clothes because if The Ripper gets a hold of you… He will leave you without your hands, ears, breasts, and sometimes even the skin on your back. Full Source Notes:

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