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72: Asking This One Question Could Change Your Whole Relationship

72: Asking This One Question Could Change Your Whole Relationship

Rise Together Podcast - November 14, 2019 - 37:21

What if I told you that asking your partner this one question has the power to fundamentally transform your relationship? If you don't believe me, you will after listening to this episode. Look, you know that we spend our entire WAKING LIVES obsessed with leveling up, which is what makes this conversation here in this podcast so powerful, because even we were not prepared for where this question would take us. This might be the realest, rawest conversation you've ever heard from us (and that's saying something) but we decided to share it because we truly believe that modeling this type of courageous conversation can really help couples who are struggling to connect. If you ask this question and it has an impact on your relationship, please share your story with us on social.--If you liked this chat then you'll love the Start Today Morning Show - a weekday morning show that absolutely not one person is talking about. The Start Today Morning Show with Rach and Dave returned Monday August 26th and streams LIVE Monday through Friday at 8am CST, but if you can't catch the stream, we have amazing news for you: the show is now also a podcast! That's right, subscribe here and get each day's episode delivered to you so you can listen whenever you want. It's like magic!If you are looking to add gratitude + goal-setting in your life then head to our shop to grab your Start Today Journal here-- http://bit.ly/2UZOglAIf you loved this episode, you'll also love my two live monthly classes. Life coaching, for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching, for growing a revenue base, finding new clients, and marketing effectively. Find out more about the coaching community and how you can be a part of it ---> thehollisco.com/coaching

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