18: Four Things Men are Terrified to Talk About

18: Four Things Men are Terrified to Talk About

18: Four Things Men are Terrified to Talk About

Rise Together Podcast - November 1, 2018 - 38:05

In today's episode Dave takes a solo mission deep into man country and tackles the four things men can't talk about to their partners. Guys whether you like it or not, these issues eventually crop up in every relationship. By learning to boldly identify them they lose their power to derail your marriage. Women, this is like getting a secret map to the very things that might be jamming communications. Dave is transparent and frank, and for that reason we don't recommend playing this podcast around little humans. We hope this episode will unlock freedom in your relationship, like it has in ours. Follow Rachel on Instagram - www.instagram.com/MrsRachelHollis Follow Dave on Instagram - www.instagram.com/MrDaveHollis Join the #Last90Days - www.thechicsite.com/90days

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