33: “The Truth About Men” with DeVon Franklin

33: “The Truth About Men” with DeVon Franklin

RISE Together Podcast - February 14, 2019 - 43:19

Today on Rise Together, we’re talking to New York Times Bestselling Author, film and TV producer, spiritual success coach, and “bonafide dynamo” (as described by Oprah!), DeVon Franklin. DeVon’s new book The Truth About Men, explores why men show up the way they do, and how men can be honest and do better, while giving women a glimpse into the psyche of the men in their lives. We talk about how men can show up better and be the men they’re called to be, bringing honesty and transparency to your relationships, and how to have hard conversations with your partner. Check out DeVon’s book —> amzn.com/198210127XAnd follow him at @DeVonFranklinRed Alert! Girl, Stop Apologizing is coming out March 12! Rachel records the audio and it's available for pre-sale right this second! amzn.to/2RxC6eY

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