21: Thanksgiving Throwback - Gratitude for 5 Million Rise Together Listens - The Set Up

21: Thanksgiving Throwback - Gratitude for 5 Million Rise Together Listens - The Set Up

Rise Together Podcast - November 21, 2018 - 29:36

This week on Rise Together we're celebrating Thanksgiving and the incredible feat that in just 5 short months this Rise Together podcast has crossed 5 million listens! Thank you to all of you for being part of our community - we are GRATEFUL for YOU! This week's episode takes us back to the beginning, the first episode, recorded to the chagrin of our audio dude in the front seat of a Mini Cooper, while we were stuck in traffic. Classy. If you're listening in the US, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you! We'll be back next week with an all new episode of Rise Together. If you like this show, we hope you'll tell your friends on social (using the hashtag #risetogetherpodcast), subscribe on the platform of your choice and leave a rating (unless you hate this, in which case, keep that to yourself, Pam)!

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