88: What Do You Need to Start Your Business Today?

88: What Do You Need to Start Your Business Today?

RISE podcast - March 19, 2019 - 22:54

Today on the RISE Podcast I’m giving you another peek inside my monthly coaching series. This excerpt comes from the 2-hour business coaching class, and in it I talk about what you really need to get started on your dream. So many first-time (and second-time and even sixth-time) business owners assume they need way more than they actually do to start their business right away, and that ends in something I’ve seen way too many times; talented, promising businesses going into debt immediately, or even worse, not starting at all. To avoid that heartbreak, I spent some time detailing exactly what you ACTUALLY need to get yourself into business right now. If you enjoyed this clip, it’s just a small sliver of the 2 hours of live teaching I do every month for business coaching and the 2 hours I do for life coaching. Life coaching is for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching is for those looking to grow a revenue base, find new clients, and market effectively. Find out how to join the incredible, supportive, and growing coaching community at ---> thehollisco.com/coachingMy new book Girl, Stop Apologizing is available now! It contains some of the most tactical and detailed information I’ve ever given, all in the hopes of inspiring you to stop making excuses and follow the dream that sets you on fire. Get it right here —> amzn.to/2RxC6eY

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