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234: Primed to Disbelieve Sexual Accusers - with Deborah Tuerkheimer

234: Primed to Disbelieve Sexual Accusers - with Deborah Tuerkheimer

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - November 30, 2021 - 41:59

Today on the show, I am sitting down with Deborah Tuerkheimer, a former prosecutor, legal expert and leading authority on sexual violence, to examine why we are primed to disbelieve allegations of sexual abuse and how we can transform a culture and a legal system structured to dismiss accusers.Look, it's a hard conversation to dig into abuse and abusers and the people that they hurt, but it's an important conversation to understand why culturally, we tend not to believe the people who are getting hurt the most in this conversation.We look at it from a bunch of different angles, and Deborah very graciously allows me to ask a lot of really ignorant questions so that I can better arm myself with information that we should all have. I hope that you will listen in and learn, as I did.------------------------------Have you heard about the HOTLINE yet? Call (737) 400-HOCO, and press 1 to leave a question for Rach. Press 2 to share your story about the Hollis Company - it can be about your Start Today Journal, attending a RISE conference, coaching, or anything you want! We can't wait to hear from you ;)Inner Circle is a private membership community of people from all over the world who are dedicated to becoming a better version of themselves. Each month Rachel teaches a lesson on a different topic (self-sabotage, how to create an action plan to achieve a goal, etc) and we work together as a community to hold each other accountable and do the work.Check out more about Rach's Inner Circle here! -->

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