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154: If You Can't Giggle At Yourself Five Years From Now, You Haven't Grown Enough - with Brit Barron

154: If You Can't Giggle At Yourself Five Years From Now, You Haven't Grown Enough - with Brit Barron

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - July 21, 2020 - 40:29

if you know me at all you know how excited I am to sit down with my best friend and all-around wonderful human being Brit Barron to talk deeply about showing up, learning from your mistakes, and how to tell what’s really worth it. Also we announce some pretty cool things coming soon, so stick around til the end and you won’t miss the scoop!If you're looking for your next summer read, THIS. IS IT. Pick up Brit's very first book, Worth It, right here!AAAANNDDDD if you're looking for two new best friends to keep in your pocket and listen to whenever you want, make sure you subscribe to Brit and Sami's new podcast with Hollis Co - Everyday Lesbians!--Are you as stoked for Rachel's latest Target product drop as we are? A whole new collection of beautiful floral inspired Start Today Journals, notebooks, and more are on sale now! Check them out before they disappear;'s first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is OUT NOW! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! LET'S GOOOOOO! ->

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