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Kristen Bell Breaks Down Her Favorite 80s Movies (Rebroadcast - Your Fave's Faves)

Kristen Bell Breaks Down Her Favorite 80s Movies (Rebroadcast - Your Fave's Faves)

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - December 22, 2020 - 34:53

It's Christmas week! We're spending the next few weeks celebrating safely with friends and family, but I didn't want to leave my podcast fam high and dry! Please enjoy this episode from another AMAZING podcast on our network, Your Fave's Faves. Y'all have heard me talk about Your Fave's Faves a ton over here, and that's because it's so stinkin' fun to record! If you haven't checked it out yet, I hope this episode will be the tipping point. I sit down with Princess Anna herself - Kristen Bell, and we go DEEP on the movies from the 80s and 90s that still hold up today. Enjoy!Looking for a great gift for a young one this holiday season? Be sure to check out Kristen Bell's children's book that we talk about in the show: to Your Fave's Faves by clicking the link below - new celeb interviews drop every Wednesday! you checked out the Handpicked by Rach collection? We partnered with some truly incredible mission-based companies like ABLE, MZ, and Piccolino to deliver sustainable and ethically-sourced goods that are beautiful to boot. From clutches and bags to stunning jewelry and even a few things for the kiddos in your life, Handpicked by Rach is sure to stun this holiday season! Shop the limited collection before it's gone -> Fave's Faves is available now! I wanted to create a little room for joy at the end of this, the year that everyone wishes to forget. That's why I called up as many celebrities as I could and asked them, "what are your five favorite things, ANY category. You're not going to believe what they told me. Actors, musicians, athletes, influencers, gamers, y'all! They're all here and they've all got five things to share. Subscribe now to be the first to listen on Wednesday the 18th! ->

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