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289: The Hormone Doctor That Changed My Life - with Dr. Julie Brush

289: The Hormone Doctor That Changed My Life - with Dr. Julie Brush

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - May 26, 2022 - 56:10

Have you ever looked into how your hormones work? Because I will tell you, from experience, that if your hormones are funky or out of whack it can affect EVERYTHING. This episode of the podcast I'm talking to Dr. Julie Brush, a Naturopathic Doctor who works at the Amen Clinic, which is focused on brain health. It's all about an integrated approach, meaning care medicine like medications, but with a preference in utilizing a holistic approach. The Naturopathic approach seeks to identify and treat the cause of what could be wrong, and to empower you with information, which you know I am all about.This woman changed my life, because before I started meeting with her I had no idea that my hormones were unbalanced and no way of understanding what role that could be playing in my mental health. If you've been looking to answers as to why you feel a certain way at different times (probably in your cycle), or why you can't pin your finger on what feels, then I think this conversation might be for you. I hope this gives you the lightbulb moment it gave me and puts you on a journey of understanding your body - ALL of it - a little better.---Do you get my weekly Sunday email? Come join in the fun! a Start Today Journal: we friends on YouTube? Let’s catch up! my journey on Instagram:’s be workout buddies: you heard about the HOTLINE yet? Call (737) 400-4626 to leave a question for Rachel or share your story about the podcast. We can't wait to hear from you!

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