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218: Experiencing Energy Healing with Kimberly Lucas

218: Experiencing Energy Healing with Kimberly Lucas

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - October 5, 2021 - 52:06

For the whole of The Last 90 Days I want the podcast to have a different theme each month, as we make a commitment to treating the last 3 months of our year like we usually treat the first 3. This month is The Curiosity Series! And the conversation I wanted to share with you is one I got to have with Kimberly Lucas, my energy healer. That might sound a little out there and hippie, and fair warning, we do get pretty deep in this episode talking about spirituality, healing, speaking with those who have passed on - all kinds of things! The beauty of curiosity is that it isn't threatening, it's just being open to something new. Even if this conversation isn't for you, it could be really helpful to think about why! I hope this meets you where you are at today.---Have you heard about the HOTLINE yet? Call (737) 400-HOCO, and press 1 to leave a question for Rach. Press 2 to share your story about the Hollis Company - it can be about your Start Today Journal, attending a RISE conference, coaching, or anything you want! We can't wait to hear from you ;)

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